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Corporate & Commercial

We work with clients nationwide and across the value chain, helping them to realise the opportunities offered by new markets and new technologies, to manage risk, and to address the challenges represented by rapidly changing regulation.

We are dedicated to achieving our clients' strategic ambitions both locally and internationally, and act as a trusted advisor to some of the world's best-known consumer sector businesses.

The consumer industry is a dynamic one. We understand that it is essential for you to anticipate and respond effectively to changes in your supply chain and to consumer demand. In the longer term, businesses continually assess new products, technologies and geographies as means of growing brands. Wherever you are based, consumer businesses must be able to work with increasingly interventionist regulators to maintain consumer trust, to safeguard their brands, and to secure a competitive edge.

We can work with you on every aspect of your businesses: ensuring that your brand/s and IP is protected, responding to regulatory intervention, addressing product liability issues and other disputes, implementing M&A transactions while assisting you to deliver the value that you promised to your target consumer.


With the ever-increasing self-governing approach allowed by the government, so to the requirement to comply with these new regulations. What this means is that organisation would need to be more abreast on the updates on current law applicable to their industry.

Being part of servicing many of the critical industries over the years has allowed ASCO Law to be able to not only understand client’s concern but also hand in hand practical approach in ensuring that the best reasonable approach for businesses alike while ensuring compliance to regulatory requirement.

Our area of expertise includes:

  • Company Constitution

  • Shareholders/Director’s Resolutions

  • Incorporation of Companies Limited by Shares or Guarantee

  • Incorporation of Foundation

  • Share issuance/share transfer

  • Shareholder's agreement

  • Partnership agreement

  • Dissolution of partnership

  • Private Equity Acquisition and Merger

  • Start-ups Capital Financing (Pre-Seed, Seed, Rounds, Angel Investors)

  • Joint Ventures

  • Compliance advisory

  • Lease & Tenancies

  • Service contract

  • Sales contract

  • Privacy laws

  • Non-disclosure and non-Compete

  • Agencies

  • Affiliate marketing agreement

  • Quality control

  • Service level agreement

  • Franchise and licensing

  • Supply and distribution

  • Production, fabrication and manufacturing

  • Business partner due diligence

  • Debt recovery

  • IP registration and protection action

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